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A Sunny Funny Day!

Well, I started out this morning thinking that this day was really funny – as in “ODD” not as in “FUN”.

I mis-placed my glasses.

I was using them to read.

Then, I could not find them anywhere.

No surface, drawer, or other place I could possibly think of or remember.

I retraced all my steps.


At some point, I just stopped looking.

Just about now I found them… in my back pants pocket.

The pants that I had been wearing all day.

Guess I don’t stand around with my hands in my pockets.

Or I would have found them then.

Nor do I “sit back” when I do sit down.

Or they would have been broken.

I could really use this to “teach myself a lesson” about how I “sabotage myself”.

I could also just say what I most like to say: There I go; proving I’m human again. 🙂

How about you?

What do you tell yourself when you do something that “loses time” for you?

I like looking at what was motivating me in the moment.

What was I focusing on?

Paying attention to?

What clues do those questions offer me?

Life is definitely more fun when pursing the latter line of questioning!

Do you agree?

Thanks for reading me.

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