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Dreaming and then Doing

Mair: First I think, dream, wish, hope….and I set my intention.

Molly: And THEN we have to ACT!’

Mair: I’ve been thinking about writing to y’all, dreaming about it, wishing and hoping I’d do it. I set the intention to do it…..and…...until I actually Do It, it’s less likely to happen.

DUH! [Divine Universal Harmony]  Even if it is the Divine Universal Harmony flowing through me, I still provide the channel for that flow…

Molly: And when you don’t listen to me, your darling Inner Child (IC), you don’t take action! You dam [ to close up or obstruct. ] me when you block the flow, you know? You might also damn [(1) to condemn, (2) to bring about the failure of] me/us as well…

Mair: But just knowing without taking some action doesn’t well, move anything. Doesn’t change what is happening… As Ernest Holmes said “Inspiration without application is hallucination.”

Molly: What helped you to write now?

Mair: I asked for help. I’d forgotten how to do some of the technical things. I asked for help with the technical things.

Molly: But why didn’t you ask for help before?

Mair: It wasn’t until I told other people that I needed help, that they suggested they could help me ask for help, or to help me themselves!  And it wasn’t until I realized that I was stuck and needed help that I was able and willing to ask for the help I needed. I sure hope that I have integrated this learning into my being so that I can learn to ask for help earlier in my process. There are two questions that help me, when I remember to ask them:

  1. How is this serving me?

  2. As I practice truly loving and caring for myself, what action would I take next?

Thanks for reading us! What about You? What do YOU do when you’re stuck, need help, want something to change?

See you next time!

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