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I’m Feeling Rosy

Hello Hello Hello

Molly is feeling rosy.

Molly knows exactly what she means.

Feeling not just happy with today, but also hopeful about the future.

Mair was not clear what that means.

Mair looked up the definition as she has never thought of that word in relation to her feelings.

Definition like this: colored like a pink or red rose, typically as an indication of health, youth…promising or suggesting good fortune or happiness; hopeful.

Yet again Molly is clear and Mair learns when she pays attention, listening.

Mair is so grateful for that Dear Inner Child speaking up and speaking out.

Molly and Mair co-creating avenues for sharing and experiencing and co-learning while we have fun and contribute to other inner children and their adults.

Stay tuned!

Right here.

Thanks for reading…us.

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