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A defining moment in my life was the night of the Cuban missile crisis. I was 11, living in Florida. I thought we were all going to die that night. Every day since has been a gift. At twenty-five I moved to Seattle and became active in peace and anti-nuclear efforts as a Trident submarine station was being built nearby. Nuclear war was a demon to be unleashed at any moment and I felt it. It was in working with others to resist this inevitable destiny that I could survive the psychological burden.

My work life during my professional years was in government and non-profit administration. I studied whole systems at Antioch University which profoundly affected my worldview. My activism over the years has been on issues of peace and justice, recently emphasizing racial justice and indigenous rights, in particular for Seattle's Native people who still reside here.

I am a news consumer just coming out of the spell of constant streaming of turbulence over recent years. I tend toward community and political activism as effective avenues for change that involve working with others. My blessings include being able to live in a modest house with a beautiful yard, my adult son and his partner nearby, and to travel on occasion. And, fortunately, I have a good sense of humor.

Kathy Kelly - please call me "Kelly" she/her

Seattle Washington USA (Pacific time zone)

206 367-0328

Kelly Ní Cheallaigh

Kelly Ní Cheallaigh

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