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Hard-to-Hear Messages 2pmPT (UTC -8) SEP

Translating Hard-to-Hear Messages from others and within yourself

  • Starts Sep 8
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If you want more tools (not rules) to help you to not attack or defend, freeze or fly away when confronted by attacks, blame and criticism, this is the call series for you. Points - Bring to class your most disturbing hard-to-hear jackal messages - Learn to use some tips to guess what needs messages might be hidden within the hard-to-hear messages - Profoundly change your ability to listen with curiosity to your jackals’ messages (instead of hearing attack, blame and criticism) - Learn how not to take the Jackals’ ABCs personally. - Experience getting to the heart of the matter, increasing your understanding of your jackals’ messages We share a google doc with links to resource documents and videos, call structures, call "takeaways" and links to the recorded calls (if all agree to record calls) Who is it for? >Those who want to hear the Life Energy (needs) underneath the hard-to-hear messages >You can benefit from this regardless of how many years you have (or have not) been practicing NVC in your daily life. We'll specifically learn and practice ways to increase your ACCESS to your jackal translation tools when you most want them available, and it seems most challenging to remember them. >Those who want to increase understanding and clarity about what lies at the heart of the matter Those who want to stop taking Jackals’ ABC’s personally. What to bring: >You are requested to bring your curiosity and openness to learn and practice. >Find a quiet place for the call, and have available your chosen method for note-taking.This is interactive practicing, not a lecture series.....and you might learn things you want to remember! >Just like you play exercises on the piano to learn and grow increasingly proficient, we'll practice the learnable, reliable, practical, simple tools of NVC together on the calls.Calls will be recorded and made available to participants if all agree.

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