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How to Live NVC with another. $740 registers TWO PEOPLE together

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NVC TIPS & TRICKS to support shared understanding and care Learn to choose to access the 3 NVC TOOLS-NOT-RULES (checking, self-referencing, translating) 8 weekly zoom calls building shared understanding and co-creating increasing harmony and the evidence of care with both you and your practice partner. We'll practice with our own partners and in breakouts (unrecorded) with other people for different perspectives in challenging situations. For people who want to improve their communications with each other to support their relationship. Registration open for two people to enroll together. Could be romantic partners, work colleagues, parent/adult child, friends, siblings...Please each of you use one person per device, so that you are each able to go into breakouts with others. You are requested to bring your curiosity and openness to learn and practice. Find a quiet place for the call, and have available your chosen method for note-taking. This is interactive practicing, not a lecture series! Just like you play exercises on the piano to learn and grow increasingly proficient, we'll practice the learnable, reliable, practical, simple tools of NVC together on the calls, and with your sharing partner between calls

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