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I help people shine clarity on disturbing interactions at home and at work.

Whether volunteering in Ethiopia, a mental hospital, with correctional officers, partners, preschoolers or teens, I delight in bringing  my caring curiosity and enthusiasm for offering tools for choice and change, while accepting people just as they are. 

I've driven a tractor, taxicab and bus, worked as a field hand, horse trainer and riding stable guide, as a lab assistant, retail clerk, with computers, as a surveyor on an archeological dig...well, the list goes on…I’ve worked since I was 14.

I raised two children, founded and operated several retail clothing stores, was the founding Minister of the “I Am Peace Center”, a teen youth adviser, a witness in a murder trial. I have conducted distance energy healing for animals and humans. I was a founding board member of a number of nonprofits, elected as a green party local representative and have actively worked on political campaigns I believed in. Yes, I have been arrested as a political prisoner.

 I’m the author of a children’s NVC coloring book, Compassionate Underwear Bear, and Journal of Mine and Giraffe Can Reach High (a sketchbook of 100 Mostly Blank Pages except for a small icon in the upper right of each page)

I've learned, practiced and taught from various wisdom teachings, including: 

  • Science of Mind (trained as a religious science minister, teen adviser, and staff minister)

  • Ho Oponopono

  • Course in Miracles

  • Four Fold Way

  • Four Agreements

  • Nonviolent Communication with developer Marshall Rosenberg (over 500 hours of direct teaching)

  • Psychic Arts with Caryn McKlosky

  • various self-help programs

  • Reiki with Earlene Gleisner

  • Re-birthing (with Geri Hulse-Stephens)

  • Project Sanctuary Bright Center Program

  •   Restorative Circles with Dominic Barter

  • NVC Dance Floors with John Cunningham, Gina Lawrie & Bridgett Belgrave

  •   Alternatives to Violence

  • Open Space Technology

  • A multitude of other models. 


  • I sat as visiting teacher at Friends Meeting in Carbondale, Illinois

  •  offered a session at U.S. Social Forum

  • Taught NVC at

    • Agama Yoga in Mazunte, Oaxaca, Mexico

    • Addis Ababa, Ethiopa (4 weeks)

    • California, Hawaii and Washington 

  • I have lived in the Armenian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem and on Degania Aleph, the first kibbutz founded in Israel. 

  • (lived in Paris for 2+ years

  • I've studied English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hebrew​


I am

  •  a co-founding member of the BayNVC Safer Communities Project which has brought weekly NVC classes to San Quentin Prison and county jails for over a decade, 

  • brought NVC to Vacaville Prison Mental Health (two years contract) 

  • Have been a volunteer working with the Seattle Freedom Project, which offers Mindfulness and NVC trainings in and out of prisons in Washington.​

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