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July 8th 2023
10am PT - 10:30am PT

During this  Live Interactive Webinar we’ll share how to lower your conflicts and stress levels while increasing your sense of harmony by learning 3 simple practical tools to naturally apply in your life.

Will these always work?

Well, as with any tool they only actually work when you actually use them.  … and these simple tools have worked reliably for thousands of people when they are used.


You could appreciate a new-found ease and satisfaction with every conversation  you have at work and at home when you apply what you experience in this 30 minute live interactive webinar with us.

Business People Having Fun


Lisa Michaels

"I realized how much NVC I was absorbing just through participating in the calls when I found myself using components of it with a coworker a couple of days without even thinking about it, and I decided I needed to keep the momentum going!"

Christina Scott

"I'm amazed at how much like magic, the techniques I'm learning, help me understand relationship dynamics and ease through difficult conversations. Thank you so much much Mair and Gustavo, for all that you do to provide this service"

Tom P.S.

"Overall, I learned a great deal. I learned that to use nonviolent communication we need to slow down, we need to listen carefully to others, and choose our words carefully. There is a lot of violence in language that conveys, judgement, blame, and criticism. We hear a lot of Jackal language in the world and in our lives every day. NVC provides a great way to refocus these conversations towards feelings and needs. I believe we all need more of this."


      What Is The Date & Time Of The Event?
Saturday July 8th 2023, 10am PT - 10:30am PT

      What Do I Need To Bring?
Join us for this jam packed event! Bring your open curiosity to learn & practice 3 simple reliable tools that you can take out into your life to use right away.

      Will There Be A Replay?
No, there will be no replays of this event

Learn and Practice 3 Simple Reliable Tools for less stress & more ease.

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