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Transformational Communication for
            Individuals & Organizations
Reliable.   Practical.   Immediate.

NVC 2024

               Some Organizations We've Worked With:


Lisa Michaels

"I realized how much NVC I was absorbing just through participating in the calls when I found myself using components of it with a coworker a couple of days without even thinking about it, and I decided I needed to keep the momentum going!"

"I'm amazed at how much like magic, the techniques I'm learning, help me understand relationship dynamics and ease through difficult conversations. Thank you so much much Mair and Gustavo, for all that you do to provide this service"

"Overall, I learned a great deal. I learned that to use nonviolent communication we need to slow down, we need to listen carefully to others, and choose our words carefully. There is a lot of violence in language that conveys, judgement, blame, and criticism. We hear a lot of Jackal language in the world and in our lives every day. NVC provides a great way to refocus these conversations towards feelings and needs. I believe we all need more of this."

Christina Scott

Tom P.S.

                                         Trained by Marshall Rosenberg. Certified in 2006                                                 with the International Peace Organization the Center for                                                                                                                                                                                  Nonviolent   Communication.  Mair has been learning,                                                   practicing  and teaching  the paradigm-shifting                                                                                                                                                                                              perspectives of Nonviolent Communication,                                                                 supporting life-changing communication transformation                                                   with thousands of people through the simple, reliable, immediate language tools (not rules) of Nonviolent Communication  - The Withing Way©
Mair has the gift of genuine curiosity and joyful enthusiasm for offering tools for choice and change while at the same time accepting people just as they are.
Mair uses the diversity of her life experiences and trainings in a multitude of modalities sharing stories, songs and images to inspire and connect with others in her unique way.
Mair  spent 500+ hours with Marshall Rosenberg, originator/developer of Nonviolent Communication, as he modeled and shared his way of connecting with others. Mair was invited and participated in a 15-day experiment in social change at Marshall's then-home in Switzerland with 60+ participants from around the world.

In the sharing of Nonviolent Communication over the decades, Mair founded The Withing Way© to offer the  3 Tools-not-Rules that can create lasting, reliable, simple,  immediate change in people's lives.

Mair Alight

View Rev. Mair Alight - Minister of Religious Science 2009

Listen to Radio Interview with Mair Alight on Women Lead Radio as Donna Netwig, your host of Women on the Journey; Tales From the Trenches

View an article about Nonviolent Communication on Grammarly Blog



NVC Trainer. Graduated in engineering.

Born in Brazil. He has lived in Portugal and Ireland.

Enthusiast and practitioner of Nonviolent

Communication (NVC).

He has a strong desire to live in a world where people choose authenticity with themselves and others, co-creating an enjoyable and peaceful world for everyone.

He met Mair June 2020 and has been mentored by her  ever since in shared purpose.

Furthering that purpose he shares NVC in Portuguese, his native language. Click here to visit his website

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