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About MAIR


From boardroom to bedroom, prisoners to preschoolers, with organizations, and individuals, since 2000 Mair has been learning, practicing and teaching the paradigm-shifting perspectives of Nonviolent Communication, increasing harmony and understanding in the world, while offering her own lightness of being. Mair brings a curiosity and enthusiasm for offering tools for choice and change while accepting people just as they are. She enjoys sharing stories, songs and images to inspire and connect with others and is adept at using the diversity of her life experiences to offer relevance. Mair spent 500+ hours with Marshall Rosenberg, originator/developer of Nonviolent Communication.



NVC Trainer. Graduated in engineering.

Born in Brazil. He has lived in Portugal and Ireland.

Enthusiast and practitioner of Nonviolent

Communication (NVC).

He has a strong desire to live in a world where people choose authenticity with themselves and others, co-creating an enjoyable and peaceful world for everyone.

He met Mair June 2020 and has been mentored by her  ever since in shared purpose.

Furthering that purpose he shares NVC in Portuguese, his native language. Click here to visit his website


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